And thanks for coming to my website. I hope you will find something of interest, though the it's all a Work in Progress at present. 
Just possibly, you are one of those sweet people who used to visit a site of the same name some time ago. I confess it died of parsimony and neglect. Then a few weeks back I leant that Strictly Come Dancing, had been accepted for the Sussex Open show at the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne, and suddenly it seemed worthwhile resurrecting my Internet presence. Sadly, whilst the domain name was retrievable, the actual content had gone forever. So there's lots of my least favourite kind of work to be done! (Why anybody submits to the wanton trickeries of that soul-eating Computer Sprite for the sake of "digital art" when they might have a nice messy time with paint beats me!) ...Anyway, there will be pages with different vintages and kinds of work, stuff for sale and examples of commissions done from live sittings and photo.....Wish me luck!

Strictly Come Dancing                                                                                                                                              










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